The Chinese civilization has influenced the whole world

The Chinese civilization has influenced the whole world throughout the ages and especially in the last century. This influence has changed the way the world has conducted its affairs in many different ways. One of the areas of influence, and perhaps the most significant, has been in the field of global commerce, which has made it necessary for the non-Chinese to communicate with the Chinese language This then has made it critical for the world to learn the Chinese language, which is today one of the world’s most important languages.

The need for Chinese language schools

With the increasing need for many people in various countries to learn the Chinese language as required by their various circumstances, demand for formal, reliable and standardized instruction in the language has necessitated the setting up of Chinese language schools in most of the countries. Today, it is perfectly possible to learn the language regardless of one’s geographical location. 


As would be expected, the cost of these courses varies from country to country depending on the actual kind of course selected and other options desired, such as accommodation and travel. Even within the same country or city disparities exist between one institution and the next. Regardless of location, one can learn the language at a fairly modest cost.

Language instructors

Chinese language schools engage very highly trained and experienced teachers. Typically, they are degree or advance degree holders in their fields. They are particularly capable of teaching students who are learning Chinese as a second language and who come from a cultural background different from Chinese.  


There are Chinese language schools in virtually all the major cities in the world. So, one does not have to travel to Chain to gain command of the language. In many countries there are linkages between local educational institutions and Chinese institutions such as the Confucius Institute to enhance the learning of the Chinese language. Such linkages enable collaboration that results in the sharing of instructional materials and human resources for better learning. 

Testing and certification

Typically, the Chinese language schools provide a form of testing to confirm the level of linguistic command that has been achieved. Many of these tests are standardized for uniformity and reliability. Certification is also provided as proof of competence. 

Course duration

The duration of the Chinese language courses varies depending on the model of the course that is opted for. There are short but intensive basic courses running for a few weeks for those who have only a limited window within which to achieve fluency. There are also more lengthy ones for those who have the time and desire to pursue a more detailed and progressive course for advanced proficiency. 

With the rise in the prominence of the Chinese language it is pleasant to find that wherever you are in the world and whatever your circumstances, you can easily learn the language. The Chinese language schools are in place to help you learn this language that has become a major tool of communication in the global arena. 

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